Why the slogan "Train with a purpose, its bigger than fitness."

Hi guys my name is Coach JUNNER, and just to give a little bit about me.

I love fitness, and have a high passion for it because of what its taught me about myself plus all the health benefits.

Fitness is essential for an improved healthier lifestyle, along with that it helps increase mood, reduce stress, helps you sleep better, reduce body fat, blood pressure and so much more but i am here to discuss with you mainly about why i chose this particular slogan for my brand.

So the reason why i chose to use "Train with a purpose, its bigger than just fitness" is because i want more people especially my clients to understand that when you add purpose to your fitness training and goals it becomes more important and valuable to you. This is because you are adding an important meaning and value to your health goals and why its important for you to accomplish them at all cost.

Its not just fitness you are training for something bigger than that you are training to be a better you, you want to lose weight because you want to have a strong and longer future,

you want to gain more confidence in your self, you want to push yourself into being the best you can be by learning to develop not just your body but mind as well.

Before starting any fitness program ask yourself how important are these health goals to you?

why do you want to lose weight or gain muscle? whats the reason behind it and if your purpose for achieving these goals are truly important to you than you will be less likely to give up.


Find your purpose and always train with that vision.

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